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Make Money

Being frugal and saving can only get you so far. Ultimately, you need to make money to build wealth. Build new skills for accelerate your money making quest and start making extra money.

It all started with a drive to diversify my income…

My first job out of University was for Welcome Finance as the Assistant Area Manager as I had three years experience already in Supplies Management and I loved it including the pecks that came with the role. 

Exactly 17 months later the company went bankrupt and it changed me forever. 

I no longer felt income-secure and felt the situation completely out of my control and thought hard of my financial future?

I decided then that I would never get all of my income from a single source, ever again…After all that is what we learnt in grad school to diversify an entities earnings to survive market instabilities.  That’s when my multiple income obsession started. 

Make Money

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